The tribal meeting origin story begins in Poznan, Poland in early 2015, where I met two readers of mine on separate random occasions. We exchanged contact information and began meeting in a cafe in the center of the city every so often. In each meeting, additional men who were traveling through would drop by. Between 4-6 men would attend on average.

The meeting was regular enough that one of the men termed it a “tribal meeting.” The name stuck and the meeting became an enjoyable male bonding session where we could have locker room banter, ask for advice, tell stories, and share ideas for a couple of hours before heading to the nightlife district for an additional drink or two.

I received so much value from the meeting that I aim to spread the concept further so that more cities can have an active tribal meeting that men could attend.

In the second half of 2015 I created the Tribal Meeting concept with this web site and soft-launched it on RVF, which resulted with the creation of two new tribes. In January 2016, I introduced the idea on the rest of my sites.

The tribal meeting will allow masculine men to regularly bond and converse with each other while providing support in the case conflict or disturbances affect their city or nation.